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Pediatric Certified

I have been certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in Chiropractic Pediatrics since 2009. The certification required one weekend a month of continuing education for nearly 2 years in Minneapolis, MN. I personally chose to learn more about the treatment of infants and moms during pregnancy because of the birth of our first son. Inherently, with what I do, I knew there have always been alternative treatments for nearly all pediatric health conditions. I want to provide those treatment options to not only my kids, but also my patients children.


•I have provided spinal alignments for children who were only days old. My children were treated only hours after birth! This might seem unusual but if you think about it, it almost seems necessary for all newborns to have their spine checked after the aggressive and sometimes violent process of birth.
•Adjustments in infants are not like adults. I typically use my pinkie as a light contact to gently provide correction or mobilize joints into their proper position. Joints in infants are obviously not the same as adults and so they require significantly less pressure. Typically infants enjoy the hands on treatment.
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What do I treat?

•Poor sleeping patterns...(often related to spinal pain from uterine position or birth)
•Ear aches
•Tortocollis (Wry Neck)
•Flat skull...usually from untreated torticollis
•Spinal check-ups to ensure proper growth

Why bring in my child without any symptoms?

•Alignment ensure proper joint health
•Proper spinal curvature is developed through sitting up, crawling, walking
•Adjustments aid in proper mechanics for these milestones (holding head up, crawling, etc)
•Student athlete check-up. Good spinal health can help athletic performance on the field. I recommend getting your athletes checked out for a single treatment between sports seasons. This promotes proper spinal health during their most important years of growth and development.